Tim & Eric celebrate 10 years of awesome at Chicago’s The Vic Theatre

Tim and Eric - The Vic Theatre Chicago

Tim and Eric

The hilarious comedians and best friends forever, Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim, first premiered their surreal alt-comedy game-changer, Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!, on Adult Swim back on Feb. 11, 2007. In honor of the seminal series’ 10 year anniversary, Heidecker and Wareheim took their show on the road for a special tour which visited The Vic Theatre in Chicago for a trio of shows that ended with a celebratory live comedy review – featuring all things “Awesome” – on July 24.

Prior to Tim and Eric taking the stage, remix wizard – and hometown hero – DJ Douggpound (Doug Lussenhop) warmed up the crowd by sharing his favorite text abbreviations, loathed sex positions and wholly unique mash-ups of popular songs and iconic movie phrases. His one-of-a-kind crowd-work led to big laughs as did a pun-filled guest spot from his alter-ego DJ Darkpound.

Tim and Eric - DJ Douggpound

DJ Douggpound

Soon enough, everyone’s favorite athletic anthem, “Sports,” blared across the speakers provoking fans to rise to their feet and clap along with the irresistible beat. A video message – compliments of Dr. Steve Brule (John C. Reilly) – then played to let the crowd know a few ground rules to help them best enjoy the show. As the audience’s anticipation reached its peak, a countdown clock emerged to represent the amount of time remaining before Heidecker was to reveal his highly-anticipated new character, Troi.

Tim and Eric - The Vic Theatre Chicago

Tim Heidecker

In the vaudevillian style of Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck singing “On with the Show This Is It,” Heidecker and Wareheim took to the stage to perform a rousing opening number and honor the decade-long collaboration that is Tim and Eric. Donning theatrical top hats, tails and canes, the comedy duo sang of their many accomplishments. After an unexpected bombshell from Heidecker – and a perfectly-timed Pequod’s Pizza reference from Wareheim – Tim and Eric went backstage for one of many wardrobe changes in preparation for a night that went on to be filled with live renditions of some of their most beloved skits.

Tim and Eric - The Vic Theatre Chicago

Eric Wareheim

Zwei Dunkel Jungen stopped by to perform a variety of Tim and Eric hits including “Please Touch Me,” “Live with My Dad” and “Minivan Highway.” Later, their heartbreaking harmonies were on full display as they sang the love ballad “A Song for Dee Vee.” At the encouragement of the musicians, several members of the audience took the opportunity to enjoy a tender moment by slow-dancing along with the beautiful music.

Further spoofs and goofs came compliments of the “jazzed” representatives of Dobis P.R. – who utilized some exciting new offerings from Cinco – as well as the Uncle Muscles Hour regulars Casey and his Brother. Video interludes and in-the-moment audio enhancements from DJ Douggpound added to the hilarious comedy experience.

Tim and Eric - The Vic Theatre Chicago

When it came time to debut Troi, Heidecker and Wareheim used their impressive improv skills to ensure that the performance concluded with an epic finale that had to be seen to be believed. At the end of the show one fact became perfectly clear, fans can’t wait for 10 more years of Tim and Eric.