Review: Stories & sounds induce laughter on Josh Johnson’s ‘I Like You’

Josh Johnson - I Like You

2017 has been a great year for Josh Johnson as he made his late-night stand-up debut on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (where he previously worked as a writer), he joined the writing staff of the ever-popular, political late-night series, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, and his upcoming Comedy Central Presents… half-hour special is scheduled to debut on Oct. 13. While Johnson is making a name for himself as a hilarious new voice in comedy, life didn’t always look so bright.

On his latest album, I Like You – which is currently available via Comedy Central Records – Johnson dissects some of the low points that he has experienced along the way with self-deprecating, relatable hilarity. “I don’t know if you guys can tell just by looking at me, or my general demeanor, but… I am not an alpha male,” he says early on the album, which was recorded at Comedy Club on State in Madison, WI.

The history behind his revelation that he actually may be a “three-before omega” male unfolds throughout I Like You as the comedian details incidents including his confrontations with muggers, his failed interview for a dog-walker position and a hurtful insult he received from some New York City middle-schoolers. Each story is funnier than the last as Johnson’s affable personality shines through each bit further pulling the audience to his side.

While Johnson thrives at spinning a hilarious story – full of surprises, call-backs and revelations – some of the funniest moments come when he is simply making sounds. His impression of himself lifting weights at the gym provokes the kind of laughter that quickly ripples into a full blown fit. Later, he does it again as he shares the story of how the police were called to his apartment after he had a clash with a ceiling fan. Johnson’s spot-on impersonation of Dr. Phil is also incredibly insightful and funny.

Elsewhere on I Like You, the comedian unveils a theatre nerd’s guide to watching – and participating – in sports. From basketball to football to simply watching a televised draft unfold, Johnson’s unique perspective connects with the funny bone of sports enthusiasts and non-fans alike. His history of dating and the realities of taking his stand-up show on the road further add to the funny on Johnson’s new release.

Over the course of an album, the best comedians are able to bring you into their world to experience life through their own hilarious perspectives. Johnson effortlessly commands the crowd – and listeners at home – within the very first moments of I Like You and never lets go until the final applause causing fans to come to the inescapable conclusion that, “We like you, too, Johnson. We really like you.”

Head over to iTunes to pick-up your copy of Josh Johnson: I Like You and tune into Comedy Central Presents… on Oct. 13 to see his new 30-minute special.