St. Vincent tributes Prince on her ‘Mixtape Delivery Service’ radio show

St. Vincent dedicated the latest episode of her Mixtape Delivery Service radio show to Prince last night with an hour-long tribute of the late musician’s music. The artist also known as Annie Clarke further shared some stories and memories of The Purple One during her show, one of which centered on his attending a performance during her Digital Witness tour back in 2014.

Episode 35 of St. Vincent’s Beats 1 radio show, Mixtape Delivery Service, offers listeners twelve Prince tunes hand-selected by Clark. Among the hour of tunes are “Raspberry Beret,” “Sign O’ the Times,” “Erotic City,” “Joy in Repetition,” “Controversy,” “Let’s Go Crazy” and, of course, “Purple Rain.” The tribute also features an appearance by Elton John, who (at approximately the 27-minute mark) shows up to request his favorite song. Check out the brief clip below from the show.

In other St. Vincent news, Clark is also set to make her directorial debut this month with her film, The Birthday Party, appearing in the forthcoming all female horror anthology XX. The singer recently told Vulture that her inspiration for the film was Soundgarden’s Superunknown hit “Black Hole Sun.”

“That video really stuck with me, but also, I put it in as temp music at the end of the film, for the ending sequence. And it accidentally worked perfectly, and so I was trying to get a hold of Chris Cornell to see if I could license the song for the film, but I didn’t have any luck. So I basically paid homage to ‘Black Hole Sun’ at the end.”

Check out Clark’s work in XX in theaters or on VOD Friday, Feb. 17 and be sure to check out Episode 35 of St. Vincent’s Mixtape Delivery Service now on iTunes.