Michael Palascak turns everyday life into comprehensive comedy on ‘That One Thing’

Michael Palascak That One Thing

Michael Palascak’s new album, may be called That One Thing, but the comedian takes listeners on a funny, multifaceted journey of the countless ways he finds hilarity in his day-to-day life. From adequate cellphone service to travel on a budget to the relationship between science and religion, Palascak examines each aspect of his life under a comedic microscope, magnifying the many ways that we are all united in ridiculousness.

“I know, I look like a Verizon guy,” Palascak says at the top of the release after dropping the shocking revelation that he does in fact have T-Mobile because he “doesn’t want to be able to talk to people all the time.” He goes on to hilariously point out that any other product would have to answer up to unpredictable lapses in service. Palascak’s affinity for flying Spirit Airlines and how it compares to the luxury of traveling Southwest further demonstrates his ability to create humor out of universal experiences.

Much of That One Thing focuses on Palascak’s interactions with his gregarious girlfriend, Sam. As with his material centered on travel, the comedian is able to transform his personal experiences into relatable stories peppered with quips at every turn. Whether he’s joking about FaceTime glitches or a devastating trip to the American Girl Store or the unique discomfort found through attending his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend’s wedding, his candid yet casual approach generates giggles that are soon nurtured into uncontrollable laughter.

The awkwardness of watching Game of Thrones while your roommates are home and the many meanings of the phrase “Turtle Power” are also highlights of the album which dropped on Feb. 24 via Rooftop Comedy following its Audible Channels’ debut last month. Fans will also enjoy Palascak’s take on modern iPad parenting.

Palascak has appeared on such hilarious late-night shows as The Late Show with David Letterman, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Conan. He also advanced to the top five in the last season of the comedy competition series, Last Comic Standing. Click here to pick-up a copy of That One Thing and mark your calendars for March 14 as Palascak with be kicking-off a string of highly-anticipated shows at Zanies Chicago.