The Goodnight Darlings premiere visually-stunning new video for ‘Carousel’

The Goodnight Darlings Carousel

When The Goodnight Darlings do something, they go far beyond simply doing it right. Following the 2016 release of their EP, All I Ever Wanted, The New York based duo – Kat Auster and Wilson Jaramillo – patiently took their time, recruited an incredibly talented team and enlisted the help of fans to fund their “dream music video” for their delightfully dizzy track, “Carousel.”

After over a year of hard work and dedication, The Goodnight Darlings are ready to share the fruits of their labor in the form of the creative and crisp “Carousel” video. Designer Ethan Tobman (Beyonce/Madonna) wielded his magic touch to bring the sonic images of the track to life through this vivid and striking visual accompaniment.

“What’s great about this song, beyond an instantly addictive guitar hook, is its inherent optimism devoid of cliché: You want to get up and dance, you’re along for the ride,” Tobman said in a statement. “I’m interested in introducing them [The Goodnight Darlings] for the first time to a wider audience, but with this particular song there’s an opportunity for a fantastic visual twist.”

Auster and Jaramillo looked inward when creating the song, finding inspiration from their real-life relationship, their shared pursuit of art and the distractions of day-to-day life. While the story is unique and engaging on an individual level, it also highlights the societal pressures and struggles that need to be overcome by anyone pursuing a life long love of art. On top of all that, “Carousel” features the soulful singing, crunchy guitars and irresistible rhythms that Goodnight Darling fans can’t get enough of.

Check out The Goodnight Darlings’ stunning video for “Carousel” below and head over to to find out where you can see them perform live.