Chris Fleming to live stream new stand-up special ‘Showpig’ from Chicago’s Thalia Hall

Chris Fleming Showpig at Thalia Hall

YouTube star and stand-up comic Chris Fleming has just announced he will be live streaming his new comedy special SHOWPIG later this week from Chicago’s historic Thalia Hall. Check out the comedian’s quirky Facebook Live video announcement below, which was broadcast direct from the social media giant’s Los Angeles headquarters.

“I can’t do this,” Fleming says to himself in the above video’s opening moments. “If Jane Goodall could go to Africa and study monkeys with no prior monkey experience, I can do a goddamn Facebook Live broadcast.” Soon after, as can be seen in the video, Fleming gathers up the courage to continue and, likewise, proceeds to test taste a few complimentary snacks, take questions from the audience and discuss everything from micro-dosing to parkas to his upcoming tour dates concluding with the Thalia Hall live taping.

Fleming, most well known for playing Gayle Waters-Waters in his hit web series GAYLE, recently performed his hour-long show at Just For Laughs Montreal. The show sees the comedian riffing on a host of topics including nude spas, crummy startups, self-esteem and Ghee butter.

Fleming will be performing SHOWPIG and streaming it to the world via Facebook Live at 8:00 p.m. CST on Thursday, Dec. 21 from Chicago’s Thalia Hall. Click here to pick up tickets to the live performance or enjoy the show in its entirety from the comfort of your couch via Fleming’s Facebook fan page.