Interview: My Silent Bravery’s Matthew Wade on touring, new music & social media pressures

My Silent Bravery's Matthew Wade

My Silent Bravery, the pop rock project created and fronted by Boston-based singer and songwriter Matthew Wade, is quickly finding its way to listeners around the world. With ever-increasing YouTube popularity and a new single — “Girl You Think You Know” — debuting at #3 on the Billboard Hot Singles Sales Chart, MSB is on the verge of something big. Spreading a message of positivity and inner strength, My Silent Bravery continually finds ways to deliver on its mission of inspiring others to “pay it forward.”

We got a chance to catch up with Wade, prior to his hitting the road with MSB, where he shared details of his forthcoming tour, his latest single — addressing the pressures of social media — and his new multi-EP release coming in 2018.

Laurie Fanelli: Congrats on your beautiful and moving video for “Girl You Think You Know.” What made you inspired to tackle the topic of the effects of social media on self-esteem?

Matthew Wade: I wrote “Girl You Think You Know” with my good friend and producer Jim McGorman a couple years back. We were talking one morning about the different ways people project themselves on social media and how often times it comes off as inauthentic. I had mentioned an article I read on how this teenage girl from New Zealand had a massive social media following from posting instant pictures and it turned out all of the pictures were “pre-planned”. It made us think about some of the pressures people encounter with social media and how they feel the need to post things in order to get the most amount of fanfare. In particular, how difficult it must be for the younger generation and women in particular to grow up in this day and age with the pressures that come with being on social media. This is something that Jim and I didn’t have to deal with growing up and we felt it was a worthy topic to write about.

LF: Have you personally felt pressure to present a certain image online?

MW: I have felt pressure to be constantly posting online probably more than presenting a certain image. I am someone that would prefer to be living in the moment as opposed to posting all those moments on line. However, the nature of the entertainment field puts a pressure on entertainers to keep up or fall behind.

LF: Not only can social media negatively affect self-esteem, it can oftentimes distract us from living in the moment and connecting with people in real life. How do you balance your online presence and “real” life?

MW: It’s a balancing act. For instance, I had a gig over the weekend with Nick Thomas of The Spill Canvas. We were hanging out in the green room just joking around until our sets. In the back of my mind I am thinking I need to get a picture to post on social media as I know my fans will want to see us hanging out. Luckily, Nick was a supercool and friendly guy and was happy to take a picture but sometimes I will just forgo those situations if it doesn’t feel right.

My Silent Bravery's Matthew Wade

LF: You’re about to head out on tour with Jon McLaughlin. What can fans expect from your live show?

MW: Fans can expect a mix of new MSB songs off the upcoming album, fan favorites and usually a few surprises. I generally aim to please and play songs that I think that the fans want to hear, usually the fan favorites. A lot of times I’ll usually throw in an interesting cover or two, something fans might not expect. I may do a cover of an old school rap song, which is very different from what I do as an artist releasing original pop/rock music. I think it makes it fun and we try to be as interactive as we can. From the first song, we hope fans are very engaged and that they will walk away inspired.

LF: You’ll be here in Chicago at Park West on Dec. 22. Is there anything special you like to do when you are in the Windy City?

MW: There is a fan in Illinois that has cancer and has not been well. I would love to catch up with her and visit if I have enough time in between travels. I would also like to visit Wrigley Field!

LF: What other projects are you working on?

MW: I have a new album called Willing to Try, which I co-wrote with Jim McGorman, set to be released in 2018. The album features twelve tracks and it will be released in three separate EPs over the next year or so. Sonically, the new songs blend modern synths and keyboards along with acoustic guitars and atmospheric electrics.

My Silent Bravery will be hitting the road in just a few day with shows with a number of stops along the East Coast and Midwest. See below for a list of current tour dates and keep up to date with My Silent Bravery via Twitter and the band’s official website.

My Silent Bravery 2017 Tour Dates:
Dec. 7 – Voltage Lounge – Philadelphia, PA *
Dec. 8 – Debonair Music Hall –Teaneck, NJ *
Dec. 9 – One Centre Square – Easton, PA *
Dec. 10 – Revolution Bar & Music Hall – Amityville, NY *
Dec. 21 – The Ark Ann Arbor – Ann Arbor, MI **
Dec. 22 – Park West Theater Chicago – Chicago, IL **
Dec. 23 – The Cedar Cultural Center – Minneapolis, MN **

* with Trapt: Acoustic
** with Jon McLaughlin