Tim Heidecker’s Electric Sun 20 trial to be live streamed on Adult Swim

It seems like just yesterday Tim Heidecker was promoting his sure-to-be-epic Electric Sun Desert Music Festival, a three-day event that took place April 14-16 at the Apple Valley Festival Grounds and ultimately left 20 kids dead and a reported 158 hospitalized from toxic vape poisoning. Now, some seven painful months later, Heidecker is expected to stand trial for the “Electric Sun 20,” an event that will be live streamed via Adult Swim beginning Nov. 15.


Heidecker — chief organizer of the Electric Sun Desert Music Festival — will face 20 counts of 2nd degree murder for his role in the aforementioned deaths. The On Cinema at the Cinema host and star of the hit series Decker took the opportunity to respond to the charges in a statement released yesterday via social media, in which he proclaimed his innocence and subsequently pointed the finger at a handful of other individuals and organizations whose negligence, he says, led to the deaths of Ned, Lance, Sean, Mark, Eric, Matt, Brett, Chris #1, Tyler, Chris #2, Mike, Anthony, Nick, Billy, John, Abigail, Valerie, Paul, Adina and Jenna aka The Electric Sun 20.

Tim Heidecker Mugshot - Electric Sun 20

“I am being framed for crimes I did not commit, simply to save the face of the disgusting and incompetent First Responders as well as the DA and Police Department of Apple Valley and San Bernardino County,” said Heidecker’s statement. “… We all know who bears responsibility for these crimes (Dr. San, the kids’s own lack of responsibility and good judgement, the EMS and first responders etc…).”

Heidecker went on to blast the District Attorney Vincent Rosetti, praise his new lawyer Mark Dwyer Esq. and promote his forthcoming ElectricSun20 Foundation in the official statement, which can be read in its entirety here.

The Electric Sun Desert Music Festival, which was staunchly opposed from the get-go by Heidecker’s reoccurring On Cinema guest Gregg Turkington, was supposed to be a weekend of good eats (courtesy of the Six Bag Cinema Food Truck), tight beats, informative lectures and proper demonstrations. But what began as good old fashioned “fun with friends” quickly turned to disaster as death descended upon the festival crowd at Apple Valley during the track “Save Us” from DKR’s festival-headlining performance. That’s when all hell broke loose.

“I look out in the crowd,” said DKR frontman Heidecker in S.9 E.9 of On Cinema, “and you just start seeing bodies dropping.” The fatal festival nightmare, termed “the deaths in the desert,” was the result of a promotional giveaway in which the first 100 Electric Sun attendees received a TCH vape system dispenser pre-loaded with a little-known but highly-intoxicating Bufo alvarius-infused vape blend.

Dr. San Mugshot - Electric Sun 20

Heidecker and San, the latter who is said to be responsible for the lethal vape dosages, were quickly arrested and later charged by San Bernardino County officers. Heidecker maintains his innocence, claiming he was “out of the loop” with regard to the toxic vape contents and dosages.

The People of California Vs. Timothy R. Heidecker trial coverage begins Wednesday, Nov. 15 at 11:00 p.m. ET on Adult Swim.